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Heck, the company doesn't provide quarterly financial guidance, seldom holds earnings conference calls, and generally doesn't even announce the dates of its quarterly releases in advance, opting instead to drop the news and let the market scramble to react. The reaction to Ubiquiti's fiscal first-quarter report, which hit the wires on Friday morning, was particularly pronounced. Let's dig deeper, then, to better understand how Ubiquiti kicked off its new fiscal year, starting with a closer look at its headline numbers relative to the same year-ago period:.

Excluding the effects of items like stock-based compensation, Ubiquiti's non- GAAP net income similarly rose Zooming back out to Ubiquiti's results as broken down by business segment, we can see top-line growth was primarily driven by a But revenue was also propped up by Trending toward the bottom line, gross GAAP gross margin expanded 30 basis points year over year to The company credited favorable product mix for that improvement, partly offset by the impact of tariffs and "higher indirect costs.

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As usual, Ubiquiti didn't hold a follow-up conference call to discuss its results with investors and analysts. Investing Best Accounts. Stock Market Basics. Stock Market. Industries to Invest In. Getting Started.

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Planning for Retirement. Retired: What Now? Personal Finance. The Ascent.

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About Us. Who Is the Motley Fool? Fool Podcasts. New Ventures. Search Search:. Nov 9, at PM. Author Bio As a technology and consumer goods specialist for the Fool, Steve looks for responsible businesses that positively shape our lives.Ubiquiti Networks Inc provides wireless and wireline network equipment for small Internet service providers and small- and midsize-business integrators.

The dividend yield of Ubiquiti Inc stocks is 0. GuruFocus rated Ubiquiti Inc the business predictability rank of 3-star. GuruFocus has detected 4 severe warning signs with Ubiquiti Inc. For the complete year financial data, please go here. For the last five years Ubiquiti Inc had an average revenue growth rate of The Ubiquiti Inc enjoyed an operating margin of The year historical median operating margin of Ubiquiti Inc is The profitability rank of the company is 6 out of Ubiquiti Inc has a financial strength rank of 6 out of The stock gained For the complete year historical financial data of UI, click here.

Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool

This article first appeared on GuruFocus. Related Quotes. Ubiquiti Inc. Sign in. Sign in to view your mail. Finance Home. August 21, Click here to check it out.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The tri-band router supports the latest Wi-Fi You can also pair multiple units together to create a mesh network.

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ubiquiti 2019

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Ubiquiti Access Points Explained

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You are advised to safeguard important data, to use caution and not to rely in any way on the correct functioning or performance of the software and accompanying materials.For some, consumer routers just don't cut it.

I've seen it myself when testing routers before writing an article; a brand new router arrives I go through unboxing and setup only to have it fall flat on its face when I start up multiple streaming services or even better a router that just gets too hot from all the traffic and locks up or shuts down. Ubiquiti has long been a staple in the Enterprise networking market, and more recently their product has become even more user-friendly, allowing people like me the ability to understand, setup and manage a legit home network.

That being said, it's not for the faint of heart; it will take a slight bit of knowledge, plenty of patience and ethernet cable to get you up and running. For this article, we will be looking at three key parts of a home network; The Gateway, Switch and Access Point. The gateway for this article is the Ubiquiti UniFi USG; this solution provides both network routing and security in a single cost-effective solution.

This switch includes The access point we are using is the UniFi nanoHD; a wave 2 4x4 This AP supports Mbps on the 2. It's powered by All three of these solutions are managed by the UniFi Network Controller. Starting with the USG; Packaging offers an image of the gateway on the front, branding at the top right. Slipping into the access point, the nanoHD is the smallest 4x4 AP to date. This solution comes boxed as all UniFi AP do, with an image of the top of the unit centered.

The injector offers an RJ45 input with PoE RJ45 output; the power Input resides on the opposite end with an indicator on the body of the unit. The AP accept PoE input on the bottom with its reset to the left.

This unit supports wall and ceiling mounts included in the box. The UniFi Switch 8 packaging offers an image of the switch centered with model and features to the left. The Switch 8 offers eight ports across the front all supporting Two PoE ports offer optical connectivity for expanding your network.

Setup begins by downloading and installing UniFi Controller. You will also need Java for this software. Once we are in setup, the integrated wizard will guide you through, first by setting your time zone and country. We then move into devices; everything on your network should show up here and be waiting for adoption.Recently I had the pleasure of ordering, installing, and configuring some new Ubiquiti UniFi network products, including a switch, wireless access points, and more!

Today, I will review the Ubiquiti UniFi line of products for you! My company Digitally Accurate Inc.

ubiquiti 2019

Forcing 10G on the server resolved this issue permanently. Please enjoy this Ubiquiti UniFi Review! This includes switches and wireless access points, and I wanted to consolidate the number of pieces of networking equipment I used.

No more daisy chaining switches! Ubiquiti UniFi is a portfolio of enterprise grade products including wireless technologies, network switching, cloud management capabilities, and other hardware technology. UniFi offers the latest technologies at affordable prices. They also allow you to integrate with the cloud, or keep everything separate and centrally managed on your own hardware and software. See below for the items I ordered:. I was very impressed with the packaging!

Very nicely done Ubiquiti! The unit is powered via PoE and is designed for roof mounting, although works great on a wall, or sitting on a desk. You can either use the PoE injector, or power it via your switch if your switch supports PoE.

On the 5Ghz band, the unit has a maximum throughput of Mbps 1. This allows you to connect devices or other switches that support 10Gb links over RJ45 ethernet.

The UniFi controller is the software or hardware that controls and centrally manages all the UniFi products.

Understanding Ubiquiti Discovery Service Exposures

You can also purchase a UniFi Cloud key, which is a hardware device that runs the UniFi controller software. This removes the need to deploy a computer, VM, or additional hardware to install the controller on. Inside of the UniFi controller, you create your wireless networks, network profiles, network switch port profiles, and other configuration, so that it can be easily provisioned to hardware as you add it and expand your network. When bringing the switch online, the profiles were provisioned and I could attach the profiles to individual network ports, or groups of ports.

Since I configured the VLAN and network profiles earlier, this was instantly deployed automatically as I powered them on. The connection has been rock solid since for over 7 days. I also have a secondary connection from each server at 1Gb as failover standby.

Enabling Jumbo frames was easy, and Ubiquiti UniFi fully supports it. The features and functionality make this product perfect for any business. And with the price point and ease of management, this equipment would be suitable for home and power users as well! If you had a simple configuration, you could have the equipment deployed in minutes.

Absolutely no complaints. Special note about Ubiquiti support: sure the system works until a firmware update bricks your system, preventing access to the internet.

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The only support option? I always recommend to have a plan if any of your servers, network gear, or other hardware fails, to make sure you can get back online and up and running! This is especially true for environments that are complicated with VLANs, or that have other special considerations. I replaced my home network with a Ubiquiti UniFi setup about 2 years ago. The centralized management of everything is great to have at home.This site uses cookies, including for analytics, personalization, and advertising purposes.

For more information or to change your cookie settings, click here. If you continue to browse this site without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this use. View Cookie Policy for full details. On Jan. Quick sleuthing by the security community showed that this issue has been brewing since the summer of Ubiquiti recently acknowledged that this was an issue, has released a workaround, and is in the process of putting together an official fix.

Research has learned that this service is used for a variety of things, including device discovery to facilitate easily locating of Ubiquiti devices in a managed environment.

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At least this portion of the protocol is quite simple, requiring a simple 4-byte message that elicits a large response including the name, model, firmware version, IPs, MACs, and sometimes the ESSID if it is a wireless device of some manner. A simple POC of this functionality can be seen below when run against a mostly default Ubiquiti mFi device:.

ubiquiti 2019

The amplification factor is x but does not appear to suffer from multi-packet responses, at least with what is known today. With such a large quantity of potentially vulnerable devices exposed, a DoS harnessing the available bandwidth and power of these systems could be used to conduct an attack in excess of 1Tbps, which is a crippling amount of traffic to all but the most fortified infrastructure.

It is unclear what other capabilities exist in this service, but it would not be surprising if there were other management capabilities baked in or nearby.

That is a lot of devices. Examining where these devices live shows that Brazil is home to more than half of these, with large chunks in the U. By decoding the responses, we are able to learn about the nature of these devices and clues as to how or why they are exposed publicly.

ubiquiti 2019

By inspecting the name of the device, which will generally default to something based on the model name or whatever is configured at initial install, we see even more troubling patterns:. It seems that attackers have already identified additional problems with these devices and have exploited over 17, of them, as evinced by the defaced hostnames.

We can also see from the product version table above that along with being exposed to attackers, most of the devices in each product family are running outdated versions. This may explain the exploitation we described previously given the dangerous combination of service exposure, unpatched vulnerabilities, and default credentials some of the hacker-changed device names noted the presence of default credentials. The port exposure also reveals the internal network IP addressing scheme of behind the target devices.

Examining the global honeypots that we monitor as part of Project Heisenbergwe have been seeing traffic destined to this UDP port for over a year, the vast majority of which appears to be traffic similar in nature to the discovery mechanism we described above. Given the known possibility for abuse of this protocol in DoS attacks and the evidence and reports of active exploitation, Rapid7 suggests that all affected entities audit their external exposure for these devices and restrict or control access to this service as appropriate, which could include firewall or ACL rules, or disabling the affected service using recommendations from Ubiquiti.

The raw data from this study is available on Rapid7 Opendataalong with all of our UDP and other studies. We welcome any feedback on this topic and encourage collaboration. Reach out to us via the comments, on Twitter rapid7or via research rapid7. There have been several updates from the Ubiquiti community and a Twitter response from Ubiquiti that suggest that these devices are exposed due more to poor security hygiene than anything else—failure to update, use secure passwords, or follow vendor recommendations with regards to security best practices.

Shortly after our original publication earlier this month, Ubiquiti posted an article that describes this discovery functionality and how to disable it, if desired.

In our original post on this two weeks ago, we reportedunique IPv4s advertising this service. A follow-up scan on Feb. Digging into both of these decreases in exposed systems, we immediately discovered this was caused entirely by updates to systems or infrastructure in Brazil. As you may recall from our original post on this, we identified Brazil as being responsible for more than half of the exposed Ubiquiti systems worldwide and noted that we had been in communication with the Brazil CERT in an effort to remedy this exposure.

It is an encouraging sign that these numbers improved so dramatically. Seen here running against a test lab, we were able to discover the name, MAC, model, and firmware version of the remote devices:. We use Nmap and zmap heavily in our research and wanted to ensure that support was trued up there as well.

Tom Sellers has added a discovery probe to Nmap as well as an Nmap script that can be used to extract the name, model, firmware, and other metadata from discovered Ubiquiti devices. Additionally zmap landed a PR that adds similar coverage.

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